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Unity Chapel of Gaffney is an interfaith ministry in Gaffney, South Carolina.

If you are interested in being part of a church that supports a positive, life-affirming, practical view of Christianity, and an interfaith church that operates not from judgment but from the unconditional overflowing Love of God, please join us in the beginning of an exciting new adventure! We invite and embrace people of ALL faiths, not only Christian faiths, in our church.

For more information please email: or call Rev. Faith Nettleton-Scherer at 864-488-0307.

Click on the "DONATE" button below to help us with your contribution! God Bless You! Or send your contributions to Sunbeam Ministries – 155 Champion Ferry Road, Gaffney, SC 2934.

Building a new church in Gaffney, SC - help us with your donation! God Bless You!


Our Mission Statement:

Unity Chapel of Gaffney is a God-centered and family oriented ministry. The mission of Unity Chapel is to teach practical Christianity and to meet human need without discrimination. Our message is one of hope – based on, but not limited to, the teachings of Jesus from the Bible. Our ministry is motivated by the love of God and by gratitude for the grace of God. The ministry of Unity Chapel incorporates teachings from all spiritual thought and our church welcomes persons of all races, creeds, life paths, and lifestyles without judgment or exclusion. It is the purpose of Unity Chapel to honor each spiritual journey as an individual journey.


Suppose you had a light in your hands and everyone who didn't have a light could follow your light.  Where would you lead them? -- T.S. Gillespie

Do you have a prayer request? Go to our Light a Candle site and light a candle and we will pray with you! Just click on the "Light a Candle" link below.

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